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We combine Optimization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to create innovative and customized AI-based decision support solutions that drive operational efficiency.

Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Logistics AI Solutions

DecisionBrain offers modular, custom planning, scheduling & logistics optimization software solutions to help you make the right decisions when you have competing goals, complex constraints and time pressure. Build your own solution using our flexible, modular platform or let us assist you in delivering a full solution to your specifications.


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High Impact Decision Support Software Solutions Across Industries

Dynamic Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Our dynamic supply chain solutions include forecasting and demand planning, strategic capacity planning, network design, inventory optimization, and sales & operations planning (S&OP).

Manufacturing Optimization Solutions

Our manufacturing optimization solutions include strategic capacity planning, sales and operations, forecasting and demand planning, tactical production planning and production scheduling.

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Transportation and Logistics Optimization

Our transportation and logistics optimization solutions cover route planning and scheduling, load planning and consolidation, mode selection, and port, terminal and container logistics.

Workforce Optimization Solutions

Our workforce optimization solutions cover strategic planning, tactical planning, operational scheduling and real-time dispatching.

Maintenance Optimization Solutions

Our demand-driven and outcome-based maintenance solutions harness machine learning and optimization techniques to predict failures and optimize maintenance schedules, aligning them perfectly with your business goals.

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Fast Time to Value
Modular platform, 80%-ready foundation. 4-5 weeks to MVP, 3-6 months to full implementation.
Deep Subject Matter Expertise
Decision Intelligence solutions for Workforce, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing use cases across industries.
100% Custom-Fit Solution

Tailored applications for your needs. Configurable modules evolve with you, with or without our assistance.

Unmatched Support
With industry-low turnover, always engage with familiar knowledgeable team members from start to finish.

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