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What We Do

We are a high-tech company that combines Optimization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create innovative decision-support solutions that drive operational productivity and efficiency

Our Customers

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Global Partners Who Trust Our Solutions

Our global customer base is made of market leaders in different industry sectors. We have a track record of successful deployments in several countries across the globe, with solutions implemented in the UK, China, France, Germany, Denmark, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Colombia and more.

Our Solutions

Workforce and Asset Optimization

Workforce and Asset Optimization We developed a suite of solutions that support key business decisions related to workforce optimization across each planning horizon:


Our Technology

DecisionBrain Optimization Server

A lean but powerful system designed to help you build and deploy fully scalable applications – quickly, easily, efficiently. DBOS can seamlessly run multiple CPU intensive computational jobs locally or remotely and provides administrative tools to easily monitor and manage them.