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Discover our learning material such as webinars, tutorials, and customized training online and on-site for IBM ILOG Cplex, CP Optimizer, and IBM Decision Optimization Center (DOC) for companies.

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Customized Training Online or On-site for Companies

Training workshops for companies are performed by senior engineers with experience in optimization consulting and software development. Previously successful course programs include:

  • IBM DOC and DOC Optimization Server tutorial: Prototype, Develop, Deploy and Monitor your Applications
  • MIP Modeling with IBM ILOG CPLEX
  • IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio
  • IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio – CP Optimizer
  • Modeling with Constraint Programming

Scale your ILOG IBM CPLEX knowledge with Python or Java

Goal: This workshop provides the customer’s development team with the tools needed to build effective optimization models in ILOG IBM CPLEX with Python or Java.


  • Introduction to Operations Research: definition, formulation of a problem, modeling LP and MIP problems
  • Bases of CPLEX with Python/Java: setup, model/variable/constraints/objective function definition, solution computation
  • Conflict refiner: infeasibility, conflict refiner, relaxation
  • Parameter tuning: pre-solving, setting criteria/options, branching, feasibility pump, warm start, algorithms, tuning tool
  • Implementation of heuristics based on Lagrangian relaxations, local search, etc
  • Customized exercises based on clients requirements

Duration: ≈ 10 hrs distributed in 2 or 3 days.

Video Tutorials and Demos


Combine Decision Optimization with Planning Analytics

Better planning, powered by Decision Optimization, enables companies to gain full control and optimization on their business operations providing the flexibility needed to quickly face disruptions and market changes.

Take your Optimization Model to the Cloud with DBOS!

Learn how DecisionBrain Optimization Server (DBOS) is specifically designed to help build and deploy fully scalable optimization-based applications.