Navigate Complexity with DecisionBrain Expertise

Whether you’re looking to us to develop and support a fully custom decision support application or just need specialized expertise in building or tuning a prediction or optimization model, we’ve got you covered.

DecisionBrain possesses over 400 years of combined experience delivering custom analytics and decision support software solutions to well-known companies around the world. Our expertise lies in leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, and mathematical optimization technologies to deliver systems that improve business efficiency, reduce planning time and provide the agility to quickly adapt to ever-shifting market demands.

Discover our Services:

DecisionBrain specializes in building custom decision support applications that leverage AI, analytics, machine learning, and mathematical optimization technologies. We understand that not all customers have documented requirements, so our services engagements begin with a comprehensive requirements assessment. During this phase, we interview stakeholders to understand their current processes, challenges, objectives, systems, and data. Together, we define the future process, target architecture, and detailed requirements. Following this, we rapidly deliver a prototype solution for stakeholder testing and feedback. Through rapid Agile sprints, incorporating stakeholder feedback, we iterate towards delivering the version 1 solution.

Our solutions leverage microservices architecture, deployed using Kubernetes and Docker images, ensuring our clients benefit from advanced technology and infrastructure hosted on their preferred cloud platform.

We remain closely partnered with our clients throughout their use of the system to ensure that they are satisfied with the results and that the system evolves to meet their changing needs.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure that your system is running smoothly and efficiently, is up-to-date and secure, and that you have access to the latest features and functionality.

Our services include:

  • Application monitoring and performance optimization
  • Bug fixes and security patches
  • Platform updates and upgrades
  • User support for questions or troubleshooting
  • Support for both standard software assets and custom configurations

Our team of experienced analytics and optimization experts can help you with all aspects of testing and tuning all types of predictive and optimization models, including time series forecasting models, classification models, regression models, linear programming models and constraint programming models.

We can help you:

  • Select the appropriate modeling approach and tools for your specific problem.
  • Develop and validate models using a variety of techniques.
  • Tune model parameters to improve performance.
  • Monitor and maintain models in production.
  • Integrate models into your existing business processes and systems.

We leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning tools and methodologies to help you make better decisions faster. We analyze historical and other data sources to extract trends, patterns, and insights, which can be used to improve your operations and performance. Some examples of use cases include demand forecasting, workforce skill gap analysis, strategic network or territory design, inventory segmentation and predictive maintenance.

Our services organization offers an unmatched array of resources, including:

Our business analysts help you translate your business needs into implementation requirements, such as UI designs, KPIs, user workflows, and data integration points. They advise on which requirements are easy versus which may be better to postpone to future iterations to reduce complexity and deliver a quick win.

Our data scientists help you analyze data to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies, typically for the purpose of creating demand forecasts that support better planning or scheduling decisions. We do this using a variety of analytics and machine learning methods.

Our optimization developers have advanced degrees in fields like operations research and industrial engineering. They have broad experience in taking complex operational problems, such as “how to plan production activities efficiently while meeting service level objectives,” and representing them mathematically in an accurate and solvable way. Our team is experienced in solving optimization problems using both heuristic approaches and commercial optimization solvers like IBM CPLEX and Gurobi.

Our services team members utilize our DB Gene technology platform, which offers an 80% ready foundation that our consultants configure to quickly prototype and build tailored solutions that meet each client’s unique operational needs.

For over a decade, DecisionBrain has developed and actively maintain numerous use-case specific solution accelerators, also referred to as use case engines. These engines enable us to rapidly deliver robust and feature-rich solutions for foundational optimization problems, such as supply chain network design, workforce scheduling, and production planning. These engines include a data taxonomy and optimization model that is purpose-built to solve the type of problem efficiently while allowing for easy changeability.

Professional Services Methodology PDF

Our methodology provides best practices, training and tools to support our customers in their journey to reach a higher ROI.