Professional Services Methodology

We offer a broad range of services to support your Optimization and AI strategy, from full solutions development to joint collaborations and mentoring of your existing in-house teams. Our iterative agile methodology provides best practices, training, and tools to support our customers in their journey to reach a higher ROI.

Collaborative and Adaptive Agile Methodology

Agile methodology diagram

Deliver quick results and swiftly adapt to users’ feedback

  • We follow lean and agile development methodologies to help address your business issues.
  • Together we define business requirements, high-level architecture and a detailed Master Delivery Plan.
  • We apply a collaborative approach, with short sprints to adapt and improve based on users’ feedback.

Result-Driven Development Process

Transparency for all phases of the Master Delivery Plan

Iteration Planning

For each sprint we define together with the customer the features (or “stories”) to be implemented. From an estimation of required resources, the scope of the iteration is defined and the coding can start.

Iteration Planning - sprints

Iteration Development

The customer can directly follow the progress by accessing the project tracking tool. If needed, we will jointly agree on what to change in the iteration scope to include new features or modify existing ones.

Iteration Development - Follow the project process

Software Delivery

At the end of each iteration, we will deliver a fully working software that can be installed and used. When the iteration corresponds to a major delivery, as defined in the “master plan”, we will also provide a “delivery test plan” document.

Software Delivery

Software Quality

To guarantee good software quality, we follow the best industry practices: source code control, unit testing, automated testing, continuous integration, frequent code refactoring, design patterns and code reviews.

Software Quality

Zero Change Request

Many IT projects suffer from a high number of Change Requests. Although these requests must appear as an option in contractual agreements, we believe that well managed projects should have no Change Request.

Innovation Directors, Analytics Leaders & Project Managers

Proactive Monitoring and Managed Services

Aircraft maintenance optimization dashboard

Ensure the solutions continuously perform as designed

  • After deployment, our Proactive Monitoring and Managed Services ensure that our solution operates correctly and sustainably delivers the expected business results over time.
  • By monitoring input/output data and system usage, we can also identify areas of improvement to further enhance ROI.

Comprehensive Project Management Support

Ensure that our solution achieves the expected business impact

Data Transparency and Data Quality

Ensure that the available data has the right level of quality and consistency to allow the solution to provide meaningful and actionable results. Define required accuracy levels and perform data validation procedures to identify common issues and propose corrective actions.

System Integration

Provide full support to integration efforts to ensure that our solution is correctly deployed inside our customers’ systems structure. Support the definition of testing protocols to verify that the whole system is performing as expected under normal operating conditions.

Deployment and Roll-Out

Supervise the successful deployment and roll-out of our solution across the organization. Define and deliver training to the end-users, wither directly or through a train-the-trainer approach. Monitor effective usage to identify shortfalls and propose corrective actions.

Help Desk and Center of Competence

Provide help desk support to end-users, collect bug reports and requests for changes and coordinate with development team for future upgrades. Gather feedback and help define system improvements and evolutions. Train customers’ employees to be able to perform these tasks.

Change Management

Focus on the individuals and their journey toward understanding, adapting, endorsing and internalizing the changes promoted by the solution. Define communication, training and resistance management plans. Track users’ adoption to ensure behavioral changes.

Innovation Directors, Analytics Leaders & Project Managers