Facility Management & Maintenance Service Providers Optimization

Improving the efficiency of facility management scheduling and equipment maintenance optimization activities through intelligent planning and scheduling optimization of tasks and employees.

Facility Services Scheduling & Maintenance Optimization

Whether insourcing or outsourcing facilities management and maintenance work, organizations face more pressure than ever to reduce operating costs in the short term without sacrificing service quality or driving up replacement and restoration costs long term.

The shift to a data-driven approach to decision-making is among the most cost-effective ways to achieve massive efficiency gains while also achieving other corporate objectives – especially when the data is used for preventative and repetitive maintenance planning and maintenance optimization, workforce planning and scheduling and other facility services planning and scheduling.

For example, both planned and reactive service and maintenance plans can be built based on data signals that reflect expected work demand as well as employee and skillset availability. Operational plans and schedules are further improved by incorporating real-time signals from IoT devices and sensors (eg showing that the oven has been used 865 times since the last service or that the outside air temperature over the past week has averaged a high of 91/33 degrees F/C, which could accelerate the need for HVAC service).

DecisionBrain provides powerful, custom-fit decision support software solutions that guide planners in making the best planning and scheduling decisions on strategic, tactical, or operational time horizons.

Download our Complete Guide to Workforce Optimization where we talk about how to use advanced planning and scheduling techniques to keep employees and customers happy while operating efficiently and profitably.

Be assured that you’re making the best use of your precious equipment and workforce, even while managing through change and uncertainty.

Here are some ways that DecisionBrain is helping facilities managers:

The Complete Guide to Industrial Maintenance Optimization

The DecisionBrain Difference

Trust DecisionBrain to help you build a 100% fit decision support application to meet your unique planning and scheduling needs. DecisionBrain has over 400 person-years of experience delivering full end-to-end optimization-powered applications to a variety of industries, including several leading facilities management and equipment servicing firms.

By leveraging DB Gene, our low-code optimization development platform, we can usually deliver a 100% custom-fit solution in 3 to 7 months with a return on investment in under a year. Our customers tell us this is a fraction of the time and cost quoted by packaged application vendors to customize those applications to their needs.

DecisionBrain software uses advanced mathematical optimization technology to suggest plans and schedules that respect all of your objectives, preferences, and constraints or explain when it’s not possible. Planners can explore the tradeoff of different scenarios in terms of KPIs.

Read more about DB Gene or contact us for a free needs analysis and a rough estimate of the level of effort for your project.

● Operational task assignment and scheduling of employees

The Complete Guide to Workforce Optimization

Customer Case Study: Integral & JLL

Integral UK Ltd is the leading Mechanical, Electrical, and Fabric property maintenance business in the UK, providing both Planned Preventative and Reactive Maintenance to over 1,600 clients in 60,000 locations. In 2016, Integral was acquired by JLL making it part of the larger JLL real estate management brand.

The challenge provided to DecisionBrain was how Integral could take its engineer field service distribution to higher productivity levels with optimization and dynamic scheduling tools. This video includes the solution and customer reviews of the tool.

Dynamic Scheduler Demo Video

Dynamic Scheduler is a workforce solution designed to optimally schedule and dispatch jobs to mobile workers. Real-time optimization, leads to a significant reduction in travel and idle time.

Increase technician productivity by up to 25% by optimizing, scheduling, and dispatching.