DOC Optimization Server

Seamlessly run multiple CPU intensive computational jobs locally or remotely and provides administrative tools to easily monitor and manage them.

Easy to Monitor


Interactive Web Console

Drag-and-Drop: Allows for quick job creation, from task definition to model and parameter inputs. No code required.

Monitor & Replay Job Execution: Immediately track KPIs, progresses, and logs in real-time. Download logs and retrieve input conditions.


Easy to Extend


Flexible and Fully Customizable

DBOS is based on a modular architecture where jobs from a client can be sent to one or more workers. It comes with embedded out-of-the-box CPLEX, CPO, and OPL workers, but users also have the flexibility to design their own custom workers. Support for customer workers in other programming languages (e.g. Python, C++) is provided.

Custom Workers Define and implement task(s) with:

  • Your Optimization Code
  • Your Machine Learning Code
  • Any Kind of CPU Intensive Computation

Easy to Integrate


First-class Support for Multiple Frameworks and Languages

To make it easy for development teams to integrate existing applications with DBOS, we designed easy to call REST APIs and connectors for a wide range of programming languages.


Easy to Deploy


Deploys Anywhere

DBOS leverages state-of-the-art technologies. It easily supports many deployment options both locally and within Cloud infrastructures with full Kubernetes and OpenShift compatibilities and Docker Compose.

  • Cluster with OpenShift
  • Failover
  • Easy scalability
  • Easy automation
  • Resource monitoring
  • Local with Docker Compose
  • Quick and simple
  • Template available


DOC Optimization Server Data Sheet

For more details, check out our DOC Optimization Server Data Sheet.
April 2019 | PDF