DecisionBrain Optimization Server (DBOS)

Take your optimization model to the cloud! DBOS is a tool that enables both Optimization Model Developers and Application Developers who need to focus on their competencies while delegating infrastructure and architecture-related issues.

Functionalities that Allow you to Focus on your Modeling Competencies

Monitor Real-time Executions

DBOS orchestrates multiple CPU-intensive computational jobs and provides an interactive web console to monitor and manage them: Retrieve information of past runs and replay the execution in a click.

Share CPUs and Licenses

DBOS can run any intensive computational jobs, locally or on the cloud: share your CPUs and licenses across multiple users and applications.

Deploy Locally or on the Cloud

Thanks to its light footprint DBOS supports both local (Docker) and industrial (Kubernetes/OpenShift) deployments: easily deploy on your laptop, your servers, or any cloud (IBM, AWS, Azure, etc.).


DBOS can be integrated with any optimization solver (e.g. IBM CPLEX, Gurobi) and any other types of analytics technology (e.g. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, cognitive): confidently turn data insights into business action leveraging best-in-class technology.

DBOS Video

Take a look at the demo video to see the features that DBOS offers.

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DBOS Datasheet

Flexible and Fully Customizable Architecture

Architecture Design for Easy Scalability


Client: sends job requests, monitors the real-time execution, access input, output and logs


Master: orchestrates the job execution


Worker: executes any intensive computational jobs (Java, OPL, Python, CPLEX models)

Benchmark the Quality of your Solutions

Benchmark Across Different Dimensions

With this functionality, you can easily benchmark your solution across:

  • Time and versions
  • Different datasets
  • Different models

Analyze the results by comparing the KPIs on the integrated charts, or by downloading the KPIs and the solutions.

Upgrade to DBGene Full-Platform

Strong Benefits for Data Science and IT Teams