Supply & Inventory Planning

Software that empowers resilient and adaptable supply and inventory planning.

Optimize inventory levels to meet service levels & buffer against uncertainty

Set safety stock levels, define reorder points, and implement inventory replenishment strategies to avoid stockouts while minimizing excess inventory.

Test different approaches through scenario comparison and see the impact on your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Leverage advanced machine learning and optimization technology to dynamically update the plan to tell you exactly how much inventory is needed at each location to meet your customer service levels, even amidst changing demand, customer commitments and supply reliability.

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Supply Chain Optimization Solutions Brochure

Download our Supply Chain Planning Solution brochure to discover 8 use cases that will make your supply chain more resilient and adaptable.

Why Customers Choose DecisionBrain

Fast Time to Value
Modular platform, 80%-ready foundation. 4-5 weeks to MVP, 3-6 months to full implementation.
Deep Subject Matter Expertise
Decision Intelligence solutions for Workforce, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing use cases across industries.
100% Custom-Fit Solution

Tailored applications for your needs. Configurable modules evolve with you, with or without our assistance.

Unmatched Support
With industry-low turnover, always engage with familiar knowledgeable team members from start to finish.

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