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Boost Asset Uptime & Efficiency with Maintenance Planner

Extend lifespan, minimize downtime, and optimize costs with custom-fit solutions from DecisionBrain.

Traditional maintenance strategies often fail to prevent unexpected breakdowns and can lead to costly lost productivity. With the advent of IoT, telematics, and advanced sensor technology, a new era of maintenance is possible. Our demand-driven and outcome-based maintenance solutions harness machine learning and optimization techniques to predict failures and optimize maintenance schedules, aligning them perfectly with your business goals.

DecisionBrain Maintenance Planner

Maintenance Planner

Experience unmatched efficiency with Maintenance Planner, a fully automated system that optimizes maintenance for a diverse, geographically distributed asset pool. Tailored to each asset’s specific usage patterns, current status based on IoT signals, contract SLAs, and safety procedures, our intelligent planner ensures minimal downtime and optimal operational performance. It globally coordinates maintenance tasks, allowing technicians to bundle visits, reducing travel times while maintaining high service and safety standards. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with logistics operations to manage and restock spare parts, and dynamically adjusts maintenance plans based on real-time data.

“We were operating at 2.8 job per person per day and this optimization has taken us to 4 jobs per person per day. We can see that there is an opportunity to get to 5 jobs per person per day.”

Michael Rooney
Director Programme, JLL

Why Choose DecisionBrain?

  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Not only predict when assets are likely to fail but also prescribe proactive maintenance actions that save time and costs.
  • Efficiency Through Automation: Fully automated maintenance planning allows for seamless operations and continuous optimization without needing manual intervention.
  • Enhanced Service Levels: Maintains high service and safety standards by efficiently scheduling maintenance and managing logistics.

Specific Capabilities and Use Cases

Define a balanced strategy combining preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance aligned with your specific goals.

Find the optimal balance between uptime targets and associated maintenance costs through data-driven analysis.

Identify the ideal frequency for each maintenance activity, maximizing equipment lifespan and minimizing unnecessary interventions.

Optimize maintenance tasks based on geographical location and smart activity bundling to minimize travel time.

Evaluate the cost implications of accepting different levels of failure risk, facilitating informed risk-based decisions about maintenance strategies.

Optimize the number, skillsets, and locations of your maintenance workforce based on workload and asset distribution, ensuring you have the right people in the right place.

Determine optimal inventory levels and storage locations for spare parts, ensuring availability while minimizing carrying costs.

The Complete Guide to Industrial Maintenance Optimization