Workforce and Maintenance Optimization

Solutions built to optimize workforces in service industries. Productivity improvements in the order of 20%-30% through optimal workforce design, machine learning forecasting and real-time dispatching in large-scale companies.

Workforce Optimization Software

Maximize Workforce Efficiency with Workforce Optimization Software

The Workforce Optimization Software helps you make the right size, skillset mix, and territory structure decisions for your field workforce. From creating detailed work demand plans to identifying bottlenecks and exploring upskilling opportunities, our solutions empower you to build optimized workforce plans and schedules in any situation.

Customer Testimonials

Dynamic Scheduler

An optimization solution that significantly improves job-per-person productivity

The solution creates optimized daily schedules for each technician, maximizing SLA adherence and minimizing travel time and idle time.

  • Overnight & Real-time Optimization
  • Decision Focused
  • Ease of Integration

The Complete Guide to Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimizer

Improve margins by 15% through optimal design with this strategic optimization solution

Leveraging proprietary mathematical models to address strategic issues like ideal workforce size, shift configuration and employees skillset. Utilized by a leading facility management company to determine the ideal teams in charge of service delivery in customers facilities.

  • Transparency on Demand & Capacity
  • Optimal Workforce design
  • Standardization and Benchmarking facilities
Workforce optimization animation

Bike Sharing

Optimizing the London Cycle Hire Scheme for Serco

Improve asset turnover and customer satisfaction through real-time forecasting and optimized station inventory.

  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Optimal Bike Distribution and Maintenance
  • Monitoring in Real-Time