Workforce Planning and Scheduling Optimization Solutions

Optimized Workforce Planning & Scheduling for Measurable Results

Increase workforce efficiency by 10-30%. Reduce planning time by 90%.

Create the most efficient annual, monthly or weekly plans, daily schedules and routes for your workforce with the world’s most flexible planning and scheduling optimization software. Replace your manual process or legacy system with a tailored solution in 3-6 months with an ROI in under a year.

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When Existing Applications or Manual Planning Don’t Cut It

DecisionBrain delivers fully custom Labor Forecasting, Workforce Planning, and Employee Scheduling systems that leverage advanced analytics, machine learning/prediction and mathematical optimization technologies to tackle complex planning and scheduling problems that aren’t well met by existing applications on the market.

Our custom-fit solutions are a fit for organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees and complex operational demands. Whether you’re coordinating geographically dispersed teams, navigating unpredictable work demands, managing a mix of planned and reactive tasks, or balancing last-minute changes, our system supports you in creating plans and schedules that work.

It intelligently considers varying cost structures, skill requirements, material and equipment availability, diverse work windows, fluctuating customer priorities, and critical employee entitlements to create effective plans that balance across various objectives such as efficiency and service level targets.

Users then fine-tune the parameters that drive the plans or schedules, testing out different parameters and comparing scenarios to understand the tradeoffs and impacts of different approaches both visually and through KPIs.

Ideal for organizations with workforces of at least 300 and unique or complex requirements, like:

  • Work locations and staff are geographically distributed
  • Work demand varies and may be difficult to predict
  • Work may be a mix of seasonal, regular recurring (eg maintenance) and reactive jobs
  • Workload smoothing or balancing requirements
  • Last-minute situations require real-time adjustments
  • Different cost structures, skills, material and/or equipment availability must be considered
  • Allowable work windows or other regulatory requirements or rules to consider
  • Customer priorities and service level agreements vary

The Complete Guide to Workforce Optimization

Planning & Scheduling Across Different Time Horizons

We help you plan and schedule your workforce across strategic, tactical and operational time horizons, either individually or through an integrated approach.

  • Determining the optimal workforce size, territory structure, shift configuration and skillset mix
  • Justify investments, like recruitment, training and upskilling by showing the projected impact on key performance indicators
  • What is the ideal workforce size and what are the shifts that should be implemented to maximize productivity
  • What skillset profile should own employees have and what part of workload should be subcontracted
Workforce optimization animation

Rough-cut planning on a monthly or quarterly basis

  • How to optimally distribute planned activities to better cope with demand variability and seasonality
  • How to better plan for employees’ vacations  and leverage temporary workers to meet forecasted demand

On a Weekly, Daily or Real-Time Basis

  • Create daily or weekly agendas or task plans for field service teams or other remote staff, such as technicians, sales reps, home health care providers, sanitation crews, paramedics and inspectors
  • Assign the right employee to the right task at the right time
  • Consider cost/rate, availability, preferences, skill requirements, customer/task prioritization and more