Dynamic Scheduler

Improve technicians’ productivity up to 25% through optimized scheduling and dispatching. Dynamic Scheduler is a workforce solution designed to optimally schedule and dispatch jobs to mobile workers. Real-time optimization, leading to a significant reduction in travel and idle time.

Optimized Decisions

A clock animation displaying dynamic schedulers overnight optimization and daily task optimization

Overnight & Real-Time Optimization

Prepare an initial optimal schedule to begin the day, and adjust it dynamically based on real-time events.

Overnight Optimization:
Every morning, planners find the optimal initial plan to cope with the day operations

Real-Time Optimization:
Run local optimizations to adjust the plan and adapt to changes during the day.

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“I think any team that wants to optimize their mobile workforce, understand capacity planning or understand availability of their workforce could really utilize this tool.”

Easily Adaptable

Meeting Business Needs

Dynamic Scheduler can be easily configured and adapted to each company’s specific characteristics, in terms of KPIs, Business Processes, etc. This simplifies the change management process that employees must go through to adopt the new solution.

Screenshot of the KPI's from the Dynamic Scheduler dashboard.

Dynamic Scheduler Datasheet

How Dynamic Scheduler can improve mobile workforce productivity by 30% | PDF

Intuitive UI

A screenshot of the dynamic scheduler UI graphs

Decision Focused

Typically, planners are very busy managing unexpected events, addressing customers’ requests, and tracking technicians. Dynamic Scheduler provides a clean and intuitive interface, designed to enable planners to focus on the most important ongoing issues, reducing complexity.

The Complete Guide to Workforce Optimization PDF

How to use advanced planning and scheduling techniques to keep employees and customers happy while operating efficiently and profitably.

Ease of Integration

Easier than Expected

Integration technologies have evolved to a point where integrating different systems is no longer a barrier to deployment. Dynamic Scheduler leverages state-of-the-art technologies allowing companies to easily upgrade their planning capabilities by plugging it on top of their existing software systems and mobile platforms.
Dynamic Scheduler can be easily integrated to IBM Maximo and IBM Tririga.

Dynamic Scheduler Feature Ease of Integration Gif including open source software providers.

FSM Whitepaper

How Software is Optimizing the Field Service Management Industry? January 2019 | PDF

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