Production Scheduling

Create detailed schedules for executing production orders efficiently while maximizing service level.

Manufacturers Face New Challenges in an Increasingly Complex World

Manufacturers today face more manufacturing complexity than ever before. This includes high demand variability, complex manufacturing processes, frequent product mix changes and tremendous pressures on performance management and cost control.

Few off-the-shelf production scheduling solutions meet the unique needs of most manufacturers, especially in batch and process industries.

For Complex Production Processes

Trust DecisionBrain to deliver custom-fit production scheduling solutions that leverage mathematical optimization to produce efficient schedules that meet service level, inventory and other objectives while considering complex constraints, such as:

  • Integrated intermediate and finished product scheduling
  • Shelf life and maturation times
  • Production and space constraints (warehouse, storage areas, tanks)
  • Complex changeovers (tools/molds, CIP, multi-level sequence dependent, …)
  • By-products
  • Resource networks
  • Min batch/run times
  • Inventory/days of coverage constraint

Production Planning & Scheduling: an Optimization Problem

Production Planning & Scheduling

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Advanced Manufacturing Planning & Detailed Scheduling Software Demo

Advanced Planning and Production Scheduling software system used by a packaging company for make-to-stock and make-to-order products. Resulted in reduced production costs, higher throughput, reduced waste and greater responsiveness to demand volatility or machine breakdowns.

Supply Chain Optimization Solutions Brochure

Download our Supply Chain Planning Solution brochure to discover 8 use cases that will make your supply chain more resilient and adaptable.

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Modular platform, 80%-ready foundation. 4-5 weeks to MVP, 3-6 months to full implementation.
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Decision Intelligence solutions for Workforce, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing use cases across industries.
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