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DecisionBrain has strong experience in helping customers optimize their operations through customized solutions. Thanks to our services’ best practices, training and tools, we ensure solutions are adopted by the organization and deliver fast, consistent and sustainable results, generating high ROI for our customers.

At DecisionBrain, we are committed to helping businesses harness the power of advanced mathematics and technology to optimize their operations and achieve significant returns on investment. Our methodology outlines our comprehensive approach to delivering successful optimization solutions.

Introduction of Services Offering

Optimization solutions are a powerful tool for businesses seeking to maximize profitability. However, implementing, maintaining, and deploying these solutions can be challenging. We understand the unique challenges involved and offer a range of services to help businesses overcome them, ensuring consistent and sustainable results.

Design for Optimization Solutions

Our approach to designing optimization solutions begins with a deep analysis of your business priorities and key performance indicators (KPIs). We work closely with your team to understand your goals, stakeholders, and success factors. Our diverse team of experts in mathematical modeling, software development, IT, and business consulting collaborates to create a high-level design and roadmap for your solution.

Development of Optimization Solutions

DecisionBrain offers flexibility in solution development, allowing you to choose the engagement model that suits your needs. We embrace agile methodologies, breaking projects into manageable phases and iterations. This approach ensures continuous customer involvement and validation throughout the development process.

Iteration Planning

Our iterative approach to development starts with detailed planning in each iteration. We collaborate with your team to define the next features to be implemented and allocate the necessary resources. Agile practices and tools enable us to maintain a constant pace and prioritize features effectively.

Software Quality

Ensuring the quality of software is paramount to us. We follow industry best practices, including robust source code control, rigorous unit testing, automated testing, continuous integration, frequent code refactoring, and thorough code reviews. This guarantees that your software always aligns with your requirements and expectations.

Inspired by the Agile Manifesto

Our development practices are inspired by the Agile Manifesto, emphasizing principles such as close collaboration, rapid delivery, adaptability to changing requirements, and a focus on working software as a measure of progress.

Zero Change Request

We strive to minimize Change Requests by carefully managing project scope. Change Requests are considered only when new functionalities are identified, with a strong emphasis on assessing their value and necessity.

The Value of Postponement

Postponing functionality development allows us to gather more information about its value and prioritize competing enhancements effectively, minimizing unnecessary development costs.

Proactive Monitoring and Managed Service 

Sustainability is key to our approach. We offer proactive monitoring services to ensure that your optimization solution continues to deliver consistent and sustainable value over time. We recognize the unique challenges posed by optimization solutions compared to traditional software and have developed tools and methodologies to address them.

Comprehensive Project Management Support

To facilitate the adoption of our optimization solutions, especially in complex scenarios, we recommend the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO plays a crucial role in data transparency, system integration, deployment, and change management.

Data Transparency and Data Quality

We understand the importance of data quality and transparency in achieving meaningful results. Our data validation techniques and commitment to data transparency across organizations help create a solid foundation for benchmarking, performance improvement, and scalable solution deployment.

System Integration

Integration with existing systems is a critical aspect of many optimization solutions. We provide comprehensive support to ensure seamless integration within your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Deployment and Roll Out

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in successfully deploying and rolling out your optimization solution across your organization. This includes end-user training, identifying usage shortfalls, and proposing corrective actions.

Center of Competence

The Center of Competence plays a crucial role in sustaining the optimization solution’s long-term success. We can assist with various responsibilities, including technical support, performance monitoring, and knowledge sharing.

Change Management

Change management is essential when implementing advanced analytics solutions like ours. We emphasize a structured and systematic approach to address resistance and ensure successful adoption.

Project Risks and Mitigation

Our methodology identifies common project risks and outlines effective mitigation strategies. By aligning processes and IT, ensuring data availability, and involving users in iterative development, we minimize potential roadblocks to project success.

At DecisionBrain, we are dedicated to delivering optimization solutions that drive real, sustainable results for your business. Our Professional Service Offer Methodology is designed to guide you through every step of the process, from concept to implementation, ensuring that your investment in optimization technology pays off. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your optimization goals.