Workforce Optimizer

Improve margins by 10-15% through optimal workforce structure. DecisionBrain Workforce Optimizer leverages proprietary mathematical models to address strategic workforce issues, such as: what is the ideal workforce size and shift configuration? What skillsets should employees have? Where should they be located? What workload should be self-delivered and what subcontracted?

Create Transparency


Demand & Capacity

Our solution visualizes daily workload against employees’ capacity by skill and team. By looking at a typical week of demand and capacity, supervisors are able to identify opportunities for improvements by either reallocating tasks or changing the type of resources allocated to teams.

Identify Improvements


Define Your Workforce

By applying advanced optimization techniques, our solution identifies the optimal workforce size necessary to deploy expected workload and proposes changes to the teams’ structure. It also defines the ideal skillset and shift structure needed to improve productivity and identifies opportunities of internalizing currently subcontracted workload.


Enforce Standardization


Set a Benchmark

Benchmarking and best practice sharing is at the heart of any efficient organization. By embedding a taxonomy of skills, activities and job roles, our solution enforces standardization across sites and teams. It enables organizations to benchmark operations along different productivity and efficiency metrics and identify best performing teams.