Modern Facilities Management Podcast Episode Hosted by DecisionBrain

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PARIS, FRANCE – DecisionBrain, a leader in advanced analytics and workforce optimization software solutions, was featured on the Modern Facilities Management Podcast, the show where facilities management professionals discuss new trends, strategies, and insights in the industry.

In episode #63 Nevra Ledwon: Workforce & Maintenance Optimization, Griffin Hamilton dives deep into workforce and maintenance optimization with Nevra Ledwon, Chief Revenue Officer at DecisionBrain. Nevra shares how some Facility Management (FM) service providers are taking a more data-driven approach to workforce management, especially around workforce planning, daily and weekly scheduling and bidding for new FM service contracts.

Highlights include:

#63 Nevra Ledwon: Workforce & Maintenance Optimization

“We’re honored to participate in this podcast which shares new trends and innovations that benefit the Facility Management (FM) industry. We want to help leaders in FM and maintenance achieve their best performance …” said Ledwon.

DecisionBrain helps FM and maintenance service providers to plan and schedule maintenance, service, and repair activities and the employees and contractors who carry out the specific activities.

“How well you perform [bidding, staffing up, and delivering FM services] depends on the quality of your plan… For example, knowing what mix of workers with what skills you’ll need to staff over the life of the contract (strategic plan) will let you … know better what to bid,” said Ledwon.

DecisionBrain has experience in providing workforce solutions for Facilities Management Service providers like JLL and Serco and industrial equipment manufacturers and distributors, assuring that they make the best use of their precious teams and equipment. This is especially critical when managing through change and uncertainty.

“Taking new data and turning it into knowledge…understanding what is happening and [then] turning that knowledge into action; that is where decision support software can help., It can recommend [good plans and schedules that balance across objectives]. and that is why more industries are becoming data-driven.”

Nevra Ledwon
Chief Revenue Officer at DecisionBrain

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