Interview: “Data Office: a pillar of AI and data policy for businesses”

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Filippo Focacci, co-founder and CEO of DecisionBrain, interviewed by La Jaune et la Rouge, on the subject of the Data Office: a pillar of AI and data policy for businesses.

La Jaune et la Rouge, published by the École Polytechnique Alumni Association, is a French magazine that deals with topics of interest for the Polytechnique community, linked to major contemporary issues.

In his interview, Filippo Focacci describes the concept of Artificial Intelligence is and how it can enable companies to make smart decisions. He lists some potential issues that companies may face and how these can be solved by applying DecisionBrain’s customized solutions, which allow businesses to optimize their industrial operations.

Interview: “Data Office: a pillar of AI and data policy for businesses”

You will learn how DecisionBrain responds to specific needs of each company based on several levels of decision-making: strategic, tactical and operational. Moreover, you will find out about the real-life use cases of:

  • Serco, with the optimization of operations for one of the world’s largest bicycle sharing programs, i.e. the London Cycle Hire Scheme
  • Toyota, for whom DecisionBrain optimized inbound logistics and planning.

Finally, you will read about DecisionBrain’s ambitions for the future. For example, for what concerns the company’s long-term objectives, Filippo says:

“In the longer term, we are continuing our efforts to democratize access to sophisticated AI solutions in order to allow not only giants like Toyota or Amazon, but also small and medium-sized businesses to benefit fully from the potential of AI at an accessible cost. On our side, this involves significant investments in R&D, partnerships with the academic scientific community and building an ecosystem of business partners.”

Filippo Focacci
CEO DecisionBrain

Read the full article (in French) to learn more: Le Data Office : pilier de la politique IA et data des entreprises

About DecisionBrain:

DecisionBrain helps organizations navigate the unexpected while preserving what’s precious. We offer modular, custom planning, scheduling & logistics optimization software solutions to help organizations make the right decisions despite competing goals, complex constraints and time pressure. DecisionBrain has over 400 person-years of experience helping customers like Toyota, IBM, Carhartt, Serco, JLL the Port of Hong Kong and many others. DecisionBrain’s modular solution development platform leverages open source technology and includes pre-built modules for common workflows and interfaces, KPI tracking, scenario comparison, data integration and containerized deployment to any cloud environment.