DecisionBrain Part of Team Selected by Climate Smart Cities Challenge to Optimize Freight Transport in Bogotá

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PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– DecisionBrain, a leader in advanced analytics and optimization software solutions, today announced that it’s part of a consortium of companies chosen as the winner of the Climate Smart Cities Challenge for Bogotá, Colombia. The “Green Routes Consortium” was recognized for its innovative, data-driven approach to mitigating the impact of climate change in Bogotá. The Challenge, which is partnering with four cities to cut greenhouse gas emissions, received approximately 200 applications, with finalists later forming teams. The Green Routes Consortium was selected as one of four top winners, one per city.

AI Solution to Reduce Traffic Congestion and Emissions

Freight transport is a major contributor of emissions in Bogotá, with thousands of delivery vehicles, owned by a fragmented group of companies, clogging the streets each day. The city’s aim is to increase the efficiency of its decentralized freight transport sector to reduce harmful emissions, increase productivity, and improve public health.

Recognizing that Bogotá needs an intelligent, data-driven solution to address their goals, the Green Routes Consortium is developing an integrated Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) platform for freight transportation that offers listing, searching, matching, planning, optimization, and monitoring in real-time. Once implemented, the platform will reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions while improving the ease and efficiency of shipping goods and overall quality of life in Bogotá.

“We’re honored to be part of the winning team of the Climate Smart Cities Challenge for Bogotá,” said Lorenzo Cazzoli, CFO of DecisionBrain. “We’re also thrilled to work with Bogotá to optimize freight transport for the good of business and the community. Helping customers use data to make better decisions is our mission, and we look forward to delivering a solution that will transform the city’s delivery system and make it more sustainable.”

Lorenzo Cazzoli
Chief Financial Officer at DecisionBrain

Solution Demonstrations

In addition to DecisionBrain, the Green Routes Consortium includes Beemetrix, ZaiNar, ClearRoad, SingulaCity and Accendo. In 2023, the Green Routes Consortium, along with all other winners, plan to demonstrate a prototype of their solutions in the four partner cities, including Bogotá; Bristol, United Kingdom; Curitiba, Brazil; and Makindye Ssabagabo, Uganda.

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