New Release DB Gene 4.0.2 fp2

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The new version of DB Gene is available starting today!

Although AI will always be the core and the “brain” of every DB Gene application, we all know that it takes much more to turn a mathematical model into a fully usable application that supports business users in their everyday life.

This is why we have decided to put our effort into substantially improving the DB Gene front end, to ensure that our users have all the graphical support they need to make their next business decisions.

Here is a list of the new updates that you will find in it.

  • Tableau Integration
  • Scenario Links: share scenarios in multiple workspaces without duplicating them
  • Various DB Gene configurable User Interface Improvements including a new filter widget and the possibility to assign colors to data values
  • Improved Python support
  • Various security and technologies upgrades including JDK17, SpringBoot and RabbitMQ
  • Bug Fixes

Read more about the new release here.

“The ultimate goal of DB Gene is to make optimization actionable for the business. What we want to achieve for our customers is to make sure that through DB Gene they can create and deploy full solutions that are used every day by business users and generate continuous value.”

Giulia Burchi
Product Manager at DecisionBrain

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DecisionBrain delivers custom decision support software that is used to solve the world’s hardest planning, scheduling & logistics optimization problems. With over 400 person-years of experience in operations research and mathematical optimization, DecisionBrain helps where packaged applications fall short.

More than 50 customers trust DecisionBrain software to guide their most critical strategic, tactical and operational decision making, including Toyota, IBM, Carhartt, the European Central Bank, JLL and the Port of Hong Kong.

DecisionBrain was founded in 2012 and has grown sustainably, without reliance on outside funding. DecisionBrain is headquartered in France and has offices in Brazil, Hong Kong and the United States.
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