New Release Introducing “The Complete Guide to Workforce Optimization”

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PARIS, France February 6, 2023 / DecisionBrain, a leader in advanced analytics and optimization software solutions, has released “The Complete Guide to Workforce Optimization”, a comprehensive guide for business leaders looking to improve workforce planning and scheduling decisions.

The guide addresses a major gap in the existing workforce management literature by focusing on the areas of planning and scheduling, which can have the biggest and most measurable impact on business key performance indicators (KPIs) in many industries and organizations.

“We’ve completed a large number and variety of projects over the years and have learned some important lessons,” said Filippo Focacci, CEO of DecisionBrain.

“This guide summarizes those lessons and gives readers a glimpse into some critical but often overlooked aspects of workforce optimization. Regardless of whether you hire us to implement a system for you, build your own planning tool in Excel or buy a packaged application from another company, the insights in this guide should be quite valuable.”

Filippo Focacci
CEO of DecisionBrain

The guide is particularly relevant for organizations that manage large teams of employees in the field, such as maintenance and repair technicians, facilities management teams, sanitation workers, medical and emergency responders, home healthcare providers, pharma sales representatives, security guards, construction workers, and inspectors.

Authored by DecisionBrain implementation consultants and academics with real-world experience implementing optimization-powered workforce planning and scheduling systems, the 6-part guide spans topics such as cataloging employee skills and work activities, benchmarking performance metrics, handling uncertainty with forecasting and capacity planning, operational scheduling, tactical planning and strategic planning.

By following the steps in this guide, organizations can make continual progress toward achieving their business objectives by finding the right balance between profitability, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction objectives.

“The Complete Guide to Workforce Optimization” is available for download.

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