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New IBM DOC 4.0.1 Release!

New IBM Decision Optimization Center 4.0.1 Release!

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New IBM Decision Optimization Center 4.0.1 Release!

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In December 2019, together with IBM, DecisionBrain delivered Decision Optimization Center (DOC) 4.0.0, a brand-new platform to build, deploy and maintain fully scalable prescriptive analytics solutions, based on open-source and modern technologies, to quickly create high-ROI.

One year has passed, after a lot of effort and working hours, today DecisionBrain is glad to inform you that DOC 4.0.1 is now available!
This new version comes with a set of new features that facilitates users' experience. Users have more visibility on run tasks, more freedom and flexibility with the user interface widgets and extensibilities, and the possibility to integrate python engines. These new features are:

Support for soft-interruption during engine execution:

Allows users to interrupt a single step of the task during its execution while keeping the results calculated so far, and skipping to the next step of the execution.
DOC Job Details

Scripted Tasks

Describe your data processing flow and integrate it easily within your dashboards.

Fine-grain permission and access rights

The user can easily control and edit what scenarios, visualization, and interactions are accessible on a per-role basis. These permissions can have different specifications, for example for a certain task, it is possible to specify whether the user can view, delete, execute, access, etc.
DB Gene User Permissions Management

New ready-to-use User Interface Widgets

DOC comes with a set of widgets that the user can configure in a click and drag-and-drop to create its User Interface.

Simplified User Interface extensibility

Expand the User Interface by being able to customize the appearance and behaviors of standard widgets with very limited front-end skills.
DB Gene Widget Extension

Data Edition

Safely edit data in a click. Keep track of the data edits that have been done (change values, delete or add new rows) with the possibility to discard or validate the changes.

Concurrent editing

No more editing conflicts, allow for multiple users to collaborate on the same scenario and provide an easy way to solve editing conflicts if they occur, with the possibility to review the conflict error and decide to keep it or discard it.
Conflict Db Gene Screenshot

Performance improvements

Support for very large tables (User Interface and data processing).

Python Integration

It’s now possible to also integrate your Python engines and benefit from the decision support capabilities of DOC.
View video: Enhance your Python optimization prototype into a fully-developed application in 15 minutes.
The end goal of DOC is to facilitate the process of making optimization actionable in the hands of business users, check the full documentation and release notes.

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One year has passed, after a lot of effort and working hours, today DecisionBrain is glad to inform you that Decision Optimization Center 4.0.1 is now available!...

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