New Release IBM DOC/DB Gene 4.1.0

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DecisionBrain Enhances IBM DOC/DB Gene Development Platform: New Release Enables Enhanced Optimization-Powered Decision-Making

The new version of IBM DOC/DB Gene is available!

PARIS, France, February 20, 2024 / DecisionBrain, a leader in optimization-powered decision-support solutions, today announced the release of IBM DOC/DB Gene 4.1.0, the latest update to its decision-support development platform. DB Gene is the bedrock technology upon which DecisionBrain is able to deliver fully custom web-native applications to solve some of the most complex supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, maintenance and workforce planning and scheduling problems across industry sectors.

Notable additions include: new out-of-the-box widgets, enhanced configuration of dashboards and widgets, improved Tableau and Python data integrations, and important library updates. These changes aim at offering users a more robust application, and an engaging and easy-to-navigate interface.

Key Features and Enhancements:

  • New Interactive Widgets: IBM DOC/DB Gene 4.1.0 introduces two data issue management widgets and a redesigned and more feature-rich Gantt chart, widening the range of interactivity and use-case support.
  • Improved Dashboards: The new release also comes with an enhanced workflow for editing dashboards, featuring a reworked interface that streamlines the process. Additionally, users can now customize their Home view and benefit from new functionalities in dashboard toolbars, resulting in a more flexible and user-friendly experience.
  • Enhanced Existing Widgets: IBM DOC/DB Gene 4.1.0 introduces advanced features for data grids, maps, calendars, charts, filters, KPIs, job and scenario lists, enabling enhanced data management and visualization. These include customizable time axis, value formatting, color options, and improved task tracking for streamlined execution.
  • Python Data integration: IBM DOC/DB Gene 4.1.0 now supports the creation of DOM collectors in Python and improves Python-based data integration, providing an object model for data manipulation in addition to already existing data frame APIs.
  • Library Updates: Key library updates, including Node.js, Spring, Angular, AG Grid, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Keycloak and Python, have been implemented, improving security, performance and stability while at the same time bringing new functionalities to IBM DOC/DB Gene 4.1.0.

About DecisionBrain

DecisionBrain delivers custom decision-support software that is used to solve the world’s hardest planning, scheduling and logistics optimization problems. With over 400 person-years of experience in operations research and mathematical optimization, DecisionBrain helps where packaged applications fall short.

More than 50 customers trust DecisionBrain software to guide their most critical strategic, tactical and operational decision-making, including Toyota, IBM, Carhartt, the European Central Bank, JLL and the Port of Hong Kong.

DecisionBrain was founded in 2013 and has grown sustainably, without reliance on outside funding. DecisionBrain is headquartered in France and has offices in Hong Kong, Italy and the United States. To learn more about DecisionBrain, visit

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