Improve sales throughput by 20%-30% through superior sales predictions and optimized manpower planning. By combining traditional forecasting techniques with the latest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence we can significantly improve the accuracy of sales prediction.

Physical Stores

Up to 50% Improvements in Sales Drivers Forecasting

By feeding our innovative solution with internal historical data and external data (weather, public and school holidays, etc.) we can improve short-term sales forecast error up to 50% when compared to traditional methods. A more accurate prediction leads to better sizing of personnel, increased customer satisfaction with reduced queues and increased of sales throughput.

E - commerce

85% reduction in risk of revenue-loss thanks to superior forecasting and optimized planning

In e-commerce, where under-staffing leads to revenue loss, planners need to carefully balance the cost of over-staffing with the risk of losing revenues. Planning the right number of pickers for each time-slot is critical to ensure a high sales throughput. Our Solution combines superior sales drivers prediction with optimized pickers’ planning, which can lead to 85% reduction in the risk of revenue loss.

Ecommerce sales dashboard view

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Organized Warehouse view

Improved SKU prediction leads to a reduction in stockout and waste and an increased workforce productivity

Aggregating SKU predictions for all POS leads to accurate forecasts at warehouse level. Focusing on the most critical SKUs (e.g. perishable, high rotation) allows to significantly reduce waste and stockouts. By applying optimized workforce planning it is also possible to significantly increase workforce productivity.

Quick Results

Tangible results are just a few weeks away

Our solution has the versatility to be deployed in small retail chains as well as large retailers. Our Agile approach can deliver tangible results within 6 to 8 weeks, shortening the payback period and generating a significant ROI.

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