DecisionBrain commits to Planet Tech’ Care for a more environment-friendly digital consumption

We are proud to announce that today DecisionBrain is one of the signatories committed to becoming environmentally friendly digital technology at Planet Tech’ Care .

Planet Tech Care

Thanks to this initiative launched by the Syntec numérique organization, we will have the chance to have access to many tools and thus attend an accompanying program consisting of several events (conferences and webinars) designed by digital and environmental experts, partners of the initiative.

We will have the opportunity to create a network of common interests around digital and the environment and provide us with the means to reduce our digital environmental footprint.

With this signature, we are committed to measure and reduce the environmental impacts of our digital products, services, and electronic devices. We are also committed to raising the awareness of our employees so that all those involved in the digital ecosystem are able to contribute to reducing their impact on their areas of responsibility.