DecisionBrain joins AfIA


DecisionBrain is now a member of AfIA (Association française pour l’Intelligence Artificielle), the French Association for Artificial Intelligence.

The purpose of AfIA is to promote and encourage the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its various forms, and to bring together the French AI community while making it grow and ensuring its visibility.

In particular, DecisionBrain has joined the Industrial College of AfIA, which encourages collaborations between businesses and academia in France as well as organising various actions to promote AI.

DecisionBrain is also involved on the education aspect, by employing PhD students in AI and supporting them in their career path.

For DecisionBrain, joining AfIA means having the opportunity to participate in major AI events, such as the “Plateforme IA” and the “Conférence Nationale en Intelligence Artificielle” (CNIA), moved to the PFIA platform since 2018. The “Rencontres des Jeunes Chercheurs en IA” (RJCIA) and the “Conférence sur les Applications Pratiques de l’IA” (APIA) are also held on these occasions as Special Sections of CNIA, and DecisionBrain will be looking forward to participating to them.

At DecisionBrain, we practice two types of AI:

Predictive models: they help to predict what is likely to happen in the future, which in turn allows to implement preventive or corrective actions.

Prescriptive models: they simulate and explore all possible scenarios and choose the best course of action to achieve the defined objective.

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