DOC Optimization Server

Seamlessly run multiple CPU intensive computational jobs locally or remotely and provides administrative tools to easily monitor and manage them.

Easy to Monitor


Interactive Web Console

Drag-and-Drop: Allows for quick job creation, from task definition to model and parameter inputs. No code required.

Monitor & Replay Job Execution: Immediately track KPIs, progresses, and logs in real-time. Download logs and retrieve input conditions.

Easy to Extend


Flexible and Fully Customizable

Our optimization server is based on a modular architecture where jobs from a client can be sent to one or more workers. It comes with embedded out-of-the-box CPLEX, CPO, and OPL workers, but users also have the flexibility to design their own custom workers. Support for customer workers in other programming languages (e.g. Python, C++) is provided.

Custom Workers Define and implement task(s) with:
  • Your Optimization Code
  • Your Machine Learning Code
  • Any Kind of CPU Intensive Computation

DOC Optimization Server Data Sheet

For more details, check out our DOC Optimization Server Data Sheet.

Easy to Integrate


First-class Support for Multiple Frameworks and Languages

To make it easy for development teams to integrate existing applications with our optimization server, we designed easy to call REST APIs and connectors for a wide range of programming languages.

Easy to Deploy


Deploys Anywhere

The optimization server leverages state-of-the-art technologies. Supporting many deployment options both locally and within Cloud infrastructures with full Kubernetes and OpenShift compatibilities and Docker Compose.

  • Cluster with OpenShift
  • Failover
  • Easy scalability
  • Easy automation
  • Resource monitoring
  • Local with Docker Compose
  • Quick and simple
  • Template available

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