Custom Workforce Optimizer and Dynamic Scheduling

Improve productivity and reduce idle time

Improve productivity up to 40%

  • Minimize travel & idle time
  • Maximize SLA adherence
  • Customized workforce design
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Ideal for organizations with field teams of at least 300 and unique or complex requirements, like:

  • Facilities and staff are geographically distributed and may spend a lot of time traveling
  • The work may be a mix of regular recurring maintenance and reactive jobs
  • Last-minute situations require adjustments that have ripple effects on the schedule
  • Different skills and/or equipment availability must be considered
  • Allowable visit windows may vary
  • Customer priorities and service level agreements vary

Our experience spans both strategic planning and operational schedule and includes:

  • Scheduling of elevator repair and maintenance technicians
  • Optimized redistribution of bikes for a major bike hire/sharing scheme with 12,000 bikes across 800 stations in a congested city.
  • Scheduling of field service technicians who perform both reactive and preventative maintenance of commercial real estate properties (HVAC systems, etc).
  • Scheduling of healthcare sales reps and service providers to doctor’s offices and hospitals with limited visit windows
  • Strategic planning for a field services company, including determining optimal workforce size, skillset mix, shift structure, and mix of full-time vs contract work