We believe that Agile Development, Open Source Software and Open Standards is the best way to produce high quality, scalable and robust products. Relying on industry leading IBM Optimization technology and using a micro-services architecture, we have developed a library of reusable proprietary software components that make up the core of our solutions. This enables deployment of an “assembly to order” approach allowing us to: Allow quick and easy customization of our solutions to specific customer needs

  • Implement complex solutions with lower project time, risks and costs
  • Adapt to different platforms
  • Allow quick and easy customization of our solutions to specific customer needs


IBM CPLEX Optimization Engines:

Based on Mathematical Programming and Constraint Programming, the IBM engines enable us to solve complex mathematical models.

DecisionBrain Optimization Server:

This software component enables us to dispatch CPU intensive tasks across several servers (horizontal scalability), to monitor and control the tasks, retrieve logs, etc. Based in Docker, it is “cloud-ready” and can be easily deployed on any infrastructure.

DecisionBrain Domain Specific Components for Manufacturing, Logistics and Workforce:

Our extended proprietary library of mathematical models and components enable us to take advantage of years of experience and advanced research in these domains.

Open Source Components:

We focus to ensure the most stable, standard and secure software platforms for our products. We use Docker – the new standard for packaging and deploying applications, Linux – the standard way to run applications, MongoDB – the free, open-source cross-platform NoSQL database, RabbitMQ – the open source message broker, and Python Machine Learning Packages: Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Theano, TensorFlow