Business in the retail industry is an ever-changing world where consumers drive the game, and remaining competitive and profitable is a challenge. DecisionBrain solutions enable our customers to increase their operational flexibility and sell-through performance, thus improving competitiveness and profitability.

The Problems We Solve

At DecisionBrain, we have built innovative optimization and decision support systems along different business dimensions:

  • Forecasting: Based on Machine Learning algorithms exploiting internal and external data, forecasts sales driver to predict turnover for physical retail stores, e-commerce stores, and distribution centers.
  • Pricing: Define optimal daily prices and markdown prices to maximize margins and clear inventories
  • Product Flow: Determine optimal sourcing and product flow strategies
  • Production and Store Assortment: Leverage customer demand forecasting to make better purchasing and production decisions and define optimal assortments


With the implementation of our optimization and decision support systems, our retail customers can improve:

  • Service levels and on-shelf availability
  • Stock Turnover
  • Sell-Throughs
  • Gross Margins

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