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The Challenge

Integral was acquired by JLL in 2016 making it part of the larger JLL real estate management brand. Integral UK Ltd is the leading Mechanical, Electrical and Fabric property maintenance business in the UK, providing both Planned Preventative and Reactive Maintenance to over 1,600 clients in 60,000 locations. The challenge provided to DecisionBrain was how they could take their engineer field service distribution to higher productivity levels with optimization and dynamic scheduling tools.


We were operating at 2.8 job per man per day and FSO has taken us to 4 jobs per man per day. We can see that there is an opportunity to get to 5 jobs per man per day. FSO is more than doubling our productivity.

Michael Rooney
Director Programme

Features that Planners and Management Appreciate

The team at Integral have expressed that FSO has improved productivity and ease of accessibility to planning information. Before FSO the process for allocating tasks was far more manual and provided a very narrow view of the important data that was available to them at the time. After the implementation of FSO there have been obvious positives to using the software for both planners and management. Features such as access to engineers timelines, optimizing job agendas with a single click and drag and drop functionality are a few of the most beneficial to the team. When ask about features Aaron Morgan, Service Delivery Manager for Integral said "There are too many examples of helpful features to provide just one. FSO is now an integral part of our service solution. We use it day in and day out."


I would recommend DecisionBrain and FSO. I think any team that wants to optimize their mobile workforce, understand capacity planning or understand availability of their workforce could really utilize this tool.

Aaron Morgan
Service Delivery Manager, Integral


Key Successes and KPI's

The key performance indicators for this project have been focused on overall jobs per man per day and SLA contract agreements met and matched for timing constraints. Before FSO Integral was operating at 2.8 jobs per man per day and after the implementation of FSO they have increased to 4 jobs per man per day. There have been projections that FSO will allow them to reach 5 jobs per man per day; therefore, there has been an increase of 2x the productivity. When it comes to SLA's there have been significant improvements in clients that require 4 hour response times. Mikey Rooney, Programme Director at JLL, said regarding SLA improvements "We are starting to see rapid SLA improvements especially for those less than 4 hour responses that we need for quite a few clients. The rise over the past 60 days has been quite impressive."

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