Optimization Consulting and R&D Support

DecisionBrain’s strong expertise in Operations Research and Software Development can support and/or complement your team. Drive innovation in multiple dimensions thanks to our R&D support and Optimization consulting services.

Operations Research Consulting

Operational researchers at work

Excellence in OR

  • Leverage our proven best practices in Optimization: Modeling, Algorithm Design and Implementation, Benchmarking, Optimization in the Cloud.
  • Rely on a large group of multi-disciplinary experts and an ecosystem of thought leaders from Academia.
  • Experience our teamwork agile methodology, which enables us to provide you with the right expert for the task with the flexibility required.
  • We provide training workshops that are conducted by experts in optimization consulting and software development.

Learn with DecisionBrain

Discover our learning material such as webinars, tutorials, customized training online and on-site for IBM ILOG Cplex, CP Optimizer and IBM DOC.

Software Development and Deployment

Developers meeting

Technology Support

  • Implementation of industrial solutions in complex operational environments.
  • User interface design alignment with how business users look at operations.
  • Skilled advice on Software architecture.
  • Flexible deployment on-premise, or on private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Professional Services Methodology

Our methodology provides best practices, training and tools to support our customers in their journey to reach a higher ROI.


Work meeting

Drive Innovation in Multiple Dimensions

  • Data science techniques: leverage different techniques for the specific business requirements (mathematical optimization, business rules, predictive machine learning, clustering machine learning, stochastic modeling, simulations, etc).
  • Production-ready optimization: the strong Software Development skills of our Optimization Experts enable us to deliver optimization components that are ready for production.
  • Parallelization: our experienced team can leverage parallelization techniques to speed up model performances and meet operational requirements in terms of response times.
  • Modern architecture for optimization: we provide technology to orchestrate optimization tasks in the Cloud.
  • Benchmarking and optimization robustness: take advantage of our benchmarking tools to improve the quality and robustness of your optimization engines.
  • Software solutions for business users: our expertise plus the contribution of our business analysts enable us to provide innovative solutions that meet business users’ needs.