3 Case Studies of the Semiconductor Industry

Industry analysts were recently predicting that it would take at least until the end of 2023 for the semiconductor chip shortage to subside. That was before Russia invaded Ukraine. This has only made the outlook more dire because, for instance, the semiconductor industry relies on Russia and Ukraine to supply

DecisionBrain is one of the winners of the EIT Community Booster

We are happy to announce that we are one of the winners of the EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology – Community Booster! We have been selected within the European digital ventures category.
This initiative from EIT Digital has the mission to foster the New European Bauhaus transformation.

CPLEX Datasheet

Download the IBM CPLEX Datasheet. A high-performance optimization solver for linear, mixed-integer and quadratic programming. Simplify complex business decisions.

CO2 Emission Reduction Article

This post shows the environmental impact of optimizing travel distances for engineers of a leading field service management (FSM) company in the United Kingdom.