Ports and Terminals

While draft and equipment capacity are key in driving the carriers’ decision when choosing a port, operational excellence is becoming the main differentiator in their choice.

The Problems We Solve

DecisionBrain has developed innovative optimization and decision support systems tailored to specific operational issues:

  • Berth Allocation: Define the optimal assignment of all vessels to quay wall sections taking into account the vessel lengths and service times
  • Yard Planning: Maximize yard utilization by planning container stacking to minimize congestion
  • Stowage Planning: Define the optimal container stowage positions on the vessel to reduce transshipment time
  • Load and Unload Sequencing across multiple vessels: determine the optimal container load and unload sequence from a ship to reduce yard clash, transshipment time and reshuffling
  • Vehicle Dispatching: Define the optimal vehicle assignment and sequencing of transport jobs to reduce congestion and QC-waiting time


After the implementation of our optimization and decision support systems, our customers can improve:

  • Service Levels
  • Inventory Costs
  • Changeover Costs
  • Labor Costs
  • Expediting Costs
  • WIP (Work In Progress)
  • Throughput
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Resource Utilization

Customer References