Port Logistics Optimization Solution

A data-driven approach to optimizing your marine port logistics.

Benefits from customized optimization solution for port operations in ship to shore, waterside, and storage:

  • Reduce the anchoring time of the vessels
  • Maximize the equipment productivity
  • Improve vessel turnaround
  • Reduce congestion and reshuffling
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Berths And Docked Vessels For Port Logistics

Tugboat Berthing Optimization

  • Reduced Vessel Delay by 10-20%
  • Assignment of vessels to sections of the quay taking into account the corresponding vessel lengths and service times
  • Minimize total vessel delay & tug travel time
  • Scheduling of tugboat and pilots

Multi-vessel Load/Discharge Optimization

  • Minimize yard clash: -70%
  • Reduce workload peak of -15%
  • Reduce reshuffling: -15%
  • Optimal sequence and time schedule of loads and discharges across all QCs and all Vessels in the Terminal
  • Allocate yard block to storing containers
Smooth Port Operations

Leverage the most advanced software components and AI technologies

  • Custom-configure to your exact need in 3-7 months
  • Support planning on a strategic (annual), tactical (monthly), or operational (weekly/daily) time horizon.
  • Leverage world-leading AI optimization solvers to ensure the best plans out of millions of possibilities are quickly found
  • Use on-premise or deploy to your cloud of choice
  • Low-code, open-source-based platform that is easy to enhance and maintain
  • Intuitive planning interface, KPI reporting and scenario comparison