Electronics and Semiconductors

Minimizing cycle time and optimizing throughput are among the most critical manufacturing concerns in the electronics and semiconductor industry, where demand is volatile and pricing pressure is high. Our Solutions allow our customers to address various operational challenges such as scheduling complexity, setup times management and ever- changing plant environment.

The Problems We Solve

At DecisionBrain we have built innovative optimization and decision support systems that shorten cycle times, improve operational efficiency and quickly respond to interruptions, changes and hot lots:

  • Real-time Scheduling for Semiconductors: Our Solution creates and updates production schedules for all tools of each process area. It uses advanced Optimization techniques to generate ideal real-time schedules
  • Planning and scheduling for Electronics: Our Solution creates and updates production schedules for all different manufacturing processes. It is able to coordinate and smoothen operations across several work centers and create detailed schedules for each center


With the implementation of our optimization and decision support systems, our customers can benefit from:

  • Increased throughput and decreased cycle time
  • Important reduction in variability
  • Improved level of factory automation
  • A user-friendly GUI to analyze factory behavior (past and present)
  • Integrated automated Scheduling with the MES and advanced process control.

Customer References