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A Leader in the Garments Industry Invests in Technology to Remain Innovative.

Carhartt, Inc., is a U.S.based apparel company founded in 1889. Traditionally, Carhartt is known for its work clothes; however, recently Carhartt has diversified to add a much larger audience with clothing for everyday casual wear.

Carhartt manages the demand for its products with a network of garment factories around the globe. With an increase in demand and a history of outstanding service, Carhartt had plans to improve its supply chain optimization.

Carhartt has a team of 20 planners manually planning its operations. Planners need to match weekly demand for specific SKUs to the distribution centers and plants.
Carhartt Overalls Ad - Photo © Carhartt
Though this manual process has worked out for Carhartt in the past, management realized that with the growing size and complexity of the supply chain, an optimization solution could bring significant value and help them to remain innovative and competitive.

Optimizing the Supply Chain of an Established Global Network of Plants.

DecisionBrains solution is designed to optimize production and supply chain planning, maximizing the matching between in-time demand and in-time production at the level of each production line and plant.

The project, currently under development, focuses on optimizing:

  • Demand Satisfaction Rate
  • Maximize the Production line Capacity Max and Capacity Min (ie. The minimum for the demand of SKUs and the number of minutes per week) by week.
  • Minimize the SKU inventory level
Apparel production process

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