Tailored Call Center Workforce Optimization

Improve margins by 10-20%. Reduce staff burnout. Improve service levels.

  • Strategic Planning: Create the right workforce structure
  • Tactical Planning: Build high quality monthly and weekly schedules considering many goals, rules and preferences
  • Operational Scheduling: React to whatever surprises the day brings with the right daily and real-time schedule adjustments
Get in touch to learn more about our workforce optimization capabilities and how we deliver a custom-fit solution in a matter of weeks for about the same or less cost than the one-size-fits-all applications.


Strategic (Long-Term) Planning

  • Benchmark your operations using the right productivity and efficiency metrics
  • Determine the optimal workforce size, shift configuration and skillset mix based on your benchmarks, forecasts and budget
  • Test and analyze the impact of reallocating tasks or changing the type of resources allocated to teams
  • Identify cost-effective “in-sourcing” opportunities to bring contracted work inhouse
  • Justify investments, like recruitment, new hire training and upskilling by showing the projected impact on your key performance indicators

Tactical (Medium-Term) Planning

  • Create high quality monthly training, staffing and leave plans and weekly shifts/schedules supported by a system that simultaneously considers demand coverage, employee wishes, compliance regulations, cost and any number of additional preferences and rules
  • Provide managers, planners and/or employees with flexibility in proposing adjustments, seeing impacts and committing or rolling back the changes
  • Minimize inefficiencies resulting from agents switching between different kinds of activities too often through smart assignment and sequencing of calls/tasks
  • Automatically detect overstaffing in order to trigger impromptu training sessions or provide short-notice leave

Operational (Daily/Hourly) Scheduling

  • Improve productivity by assigning the right agent to the right task at the right moment based on demand, agent availability & preferences, skill requirements, customer/task prioritization and many other considerations
  • Guide the optimizer to the desired schedule by adjusting tradeoff between competing goals, such as demand coverage, employee wishes and cost
  • Adjust intra-day levers in response to unforeseen circumstances (overtime, contractors, etc), then select the schedule adjustment desired based on KPI metrics
  • Allow agents to adjust schedules, swap shifts or be offered overtime or shift extensions if desired