Business in the retail industry is an ever changing world where consumers drive the game and remaining competitive and profitable is a real challenge.

DecisionBrain can help its customers to increase their flexibility, adaptability and operational performance to enable them to better address those challenges and remain competitive and ahead of the game.

The problems we solve

DecisionBrain team has been working on several projects in retail and builds innovative optimization and decision support systems tailored to the specific problems encountered in this industry.

These solutions are usually part of strategic initiatives led by senior management and address various specific issues such as:

Determine optimal sourcing and product flow strategies.

Predictive and optimization-based analytics inject consumer demand intelligence into your baseline forecast and enable buyers to make better purchasing and production decision as well as better assortment decisions.

Determine optimal markdown prices to apply over a time period to clear inventory and maximize margins.

Determine optimal daily prices to maximize margin while still satisfying business constraints.

Determine the service level target for each item in each store to increase margins, reduce out-of-stock and working capital.

Determine how to best balance excess and shortage among stores and how to optimally replenish stores.

Optimize utilization of warehouse space. Optimize picking and pallet constitution. Schedule truck arrivals and departures.

The benefits

After the implementation of our optimization and decision support systems, our retail customers are able to improve the following KPIs:

  • Service levels and On shelf availability
  • Stock Turnover
  • Sell Through
  • Gross Margins

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